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Formation LMD

Master Management et administration des entreprises parcours International MBA

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Nature :
Formation diplômante
Diplôme national
Type de diplôme :
Durée des études :
2 ans
Niveau du diplôme :
Bac + 5
Niveau de sortie :
Niveau I
Lieu(x) d'enseignement :
Créteil - Campus mail des Mèches
Accessible en
Formation initiale
Formation continue

Capacité d'accueil

25 Master 1
25 Master 2

Présentation de la formation

The International Master in Business Administration ifrom the Eiffel School of Management (IAE Eiffel ) is a two year program entirely taught in English. It is a unique opportunity to study Management and learn French in Paris in an International and stimulating environment at a lesser cost.
The program offers more than 400 hours of classes per year in Management, Strategy, Economics, International and European Law and Finance taught by scholars, French and International Managers and experts.
It will lead students to:
- Broaden and deepen their general knowledge in Management and Finance
- Use their Knowlede and adapt it with an ethical and intercultural approach
- Get some experience in major French or International Companies
- Join the network of the IAE France and IAE Eiffel Alumni.

Compétence(s) visée(s)

It is designed to provide skills in core areas of business administration as well as an in-depth understanding of concepts, techniques and professional applications in several disciplines of management. The curriculum encompasses advanced courses which enables candidates to make optimal management decisions in an ever more complex business environment. Students will have also the opportunity to learn French,
The International MBA will help students to grow to take on broader responsibilities more efficiently, sharpen their strategic and analytical skills with an hands-on mentality and drive for results.

Poursuite d'études

After the first year of International Master in Business Administration, students can either continue in the second year, or apply  in one of the 22 other specialized  and highly selective Master 2 from the Eiffel School of Management (IAE Eiffel) provided they have a sufficient level in French (B2 minimum). They can also apply to most selective Master 2 programs in France (HEC, ESSEC, Dauphine, CNAM) or overseas (UC Berkeley).

Débouchés professionnels

General or Project Management positions in French and International Companies, Institutions or Organizations leading to highly diversiified careers in France, Europe or Overseas.

Environnement de recherche

More than an half of the Faculty are renomned researchers from our labs in Economics (ERUDITE) and Management (IRG). Students will have to do in the second year a thesis based on their 6 months internship and can choose an elective class Applied Research Methodology.

Stage / Alternance

In the First Year (Master 1) cstudents can do an elective 3 months internship
In the Second Year (Master 2) students have to do a 6 months internship

Modalités de contrôle des connaissances

The teaching method encourages strong student involvement, through active participation, presentations, personal involvement and team work. All courses consist of a mix of lectures, reading, case studies and discussions.
All ressources from Harvard Business Publishing are made available to students and student can tadditionally ake online courses.

The assessement is made of continuous evaluations, final exams and a final thesis in the Master 2.

Calendrier pédagogique

Master 1 - mid september until mid december / mid January until mid April
Master 2 - mid september until mid december / early January until February

Niveau(x) de recrutement

Bac + 3

Modalités d'admission en formation initiale

The Master 1 is open to students with a Bachelor degree or Equivalent (180 ECTS minimum) in Management, Economics or related disciplines with  preferably some professional experience (internships) and a strong command of English (mininum 850 TOEIC, 7 IELTS, 90 TOEFL IBT). It is also open to students in other disciplines or young professionals who wish to build a career through a professional break willing to acquire new knowledge and skills. 
The Master 2 is open to graduated students with at least 240 ECTS in Management, Economics and other related disciplines with some professional experience and a strong command of English (minimum 850 TOEIC, 7 IELTS, 90 TOEFL IBT). It is also open to students in other disciplines or young professionals who wish to build a career through a break.

Modalités d'admission en formation continue

Same (fees are different).


Consultez les modalités de candidature sur le site de l'IAE Gustave Eiffel


The Faculty of Economics and Management as more than 90 international exchange agreements. It is also involved in Erasmus MIC projects which drain many international students in our programs.

The EIffel School of Management (IAE Eiffel) has a partnership with Harvard Business Publishing in order to access to all sources and online courses.

The Eiffel School of Management is a member of AASCB.




Bureau 002
Institut d'Administration des Entreprises  (IAE)
Place de la porte des champs Route de Choisy
94010 Créteil cedex
+33 (0) 1 41 78 47 35

Validation des acquis de l'expérience

Diplôme accessible en validation des acquis de l'expérience, sous certaines conditions.
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